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Big Ag and Small Farms- Why we need both

First published on Skepteco 06-10-14 Colin Tudge has an article for the recent Oxford Real Farming conference. Unfortunately, he provides little evidence for many of his assertions, repeats many long-debunked myths and seems intent on promoting a black-and-white world or Goodies (small farms) vs Baddies (Big Ag and GMOs) to have a go at his pet hate of “neo-liberalism”. Tudge

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Do Food Hubs deserve a federal subsidy?

Photo: Andrea Foneca CC 3.0

Andrea Fonesco CC 3.0 The New York Times reports that the USDA is getting under way with funding for a raft of programs relating to local and regional food infrastructure (and research into organic practices). “These are significant increases over what it was before I became secretary and certainly over the 2008 bill,” Mr. Vilsack said, referring to the previous

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Asymmetry of Misinformation

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.28.52 AM

Karl Frankowski | Flickr | cc A recent Paul Krugman post describes how critics of Obamacare stay misinformed, not always through incorrect information, but rather what is emphasized in the reporting that they see and what is left out. But there’s something I’ve noticed from the combination of reactions to what I write and researching past coverage of Obamacare. It

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