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Asymmetry of Misinformation

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Karl Frankowski | Flickr | cc A recent Paul Krugman post describes how critics of Obamacare stay misinformed, not always through incorrect information, but rather what is emphasized in the reporting that they see and what is left out. But there’s something I’ve noticed from the combination of reactions to what I write and researching past coverage of Obamacare. It

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Chefs, Breeders, and Dogstown and Z-Boys.

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Sarah Laskow has an article in the Atlantic about a chef-led plant breeding movement that setting its eyes on the next horizon: flavor. In the US, starting in the early seventies in Northern California, most famously at Alice Water’s Chez Panisse, farmers started composing their dishes through the act of choosing the best ingredients, partnering with local farmers that could

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Surprising News on Lobbying Spending by Industry in Labeling Fight

It’s not how much they are spending. It’s how little. Coca-Cola spent $4.8 million through the second quarter of this year; PepsiCo spent $2.34 million; DuPont spent $2.4 million, while Monsanto spent $1.08 million, according to the report. Coca-Cola’s reported gross profit is $46.22 billion ($46,220 million) and CEO Muhtar Kent’s compensation last year was $20 million , so they

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